I recently started watching an anime called Nichijou (日常), or in the English version, My Ordinary Life. This anime is quite popular in the west because of its cute characters and comedic style. It has a score of 8.49 and is ranked #99 on the MyAnimeList website’s list of top anime. The genre is slice of life, which I usually don’t enjoy that much, but it contains a lot of comedy that has kept me laughing out loud.  

The primary characters are three high school girls named Mio Nagonahara, Yuuko Ainoi, and Mai Minakami. The show is all about their daily antics and how they end up in comical situations. There’s also a young genius, Hakase Shinonome, her robot Nano, and a talking cat named Sakamoto. Sometimes the show’s style and characters are too cute for my taste (especially Hakase), but my favorites are definitely Mio and Yuuko because they’re very silly. I also like Sakamoto. Who doesn’t like a talking cat?

What makes this anime fun to watch is its total absurdity. Crazy events are always happening, usually to the angst of Yuuko and Mio, and good art style and sound design help to keep it exciting. For example, some bits are drawn and choreographed like an action anime parody. Sometimes there are references to pop culture and other anime, too.

I’m not sure if I’ll watch every episode of Nichijou, but it’s definitely earned a spot in my watch list, and I’ll continue to turn it on from time to time. I recommend watching it for the laughs, and if you like cute characters, it might be for you. If you do decide to check it out, please tell me if you enjoyed it. Who are your favorite characters? Which scenes did you laugh at?